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Laminate flooring has revolutionized the flooring industry in the past decade. It offers the consumer the option to achieve almost any flooring style out there at the price of basic carpeting. How is this possible? Well, laminate flooring is itself made out of more economical materials which are easier on your wallet, but that on the surface offer the appeal of anything from sandalwood to marble. That’s right. Since laminate flooring is not actually made of the materials it appears to be, it can be a replacement for wood, tile, marble, stone, cork, and even bamboo. This remarkable ability in laminate flooring comes from the fact that its veneer is made of a photographic material. That’s right. Basically anything one can take a high quality photograph of, in a sense, can become laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring The other stand-out characteristic of laminate floors is that they are so easy to install almost anyone can do it. It truly is the do-it-yourselfer’s dream. Most laminate floors are engineered in a fashion so that not only are not nails required, but no glue is either. The means not mess, and no injury. The pieces of laminate simply have corresponding grooves on the end of each piece which lock safely and securely into one another. The most difficult part of installing these floors is if there is an even edge or odd corner in the room(s) you are installing it in. That may require a bit of cutting that can be done with a simple handsaw. Nevertheless, this is more the exception than the rule. Most people just throw down the laminate, lock it into place, and enjoy their beautiful new floor.

As far as maintenance is concerned, laminate floors should be swept relatively often, depending on the level of traffic their receiving. But, they never require such pricey and arduous processes as waxing, oiling, or staining. This means that you can really just lock your floor into place and enjoy the fruit without any added labor. This is music to the ears of many homeowners who spend a great deal of their free time tending to their homes rather than enjoying them.

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Installing Laminate Flooring

Most Laminate Flooring is Tongue & Groove, meaning it clicks together quite easily. The biggest challenge to DIY’s is cutting the peices to fit. Here is a project I did several years ago in my New Haven, CT home. I replaced the floors in an entire apartment, got a great deal from Marc Henderson of, and installed it myself.

… The Hallway ……… And the Living Room …

Quickstep UniClic Laminate Flooring In New Haven, CT Quickstep UniClic Laminate Flooring In New Haven, CT

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