Laminate Chair Mats

If you run a business that has offices and computer desks you are all too familiar with the extraordinary prices that plastic chair mats cost. If you have ever purchased a plastic chair mat for personal use, you are also familiar with the pain it can cause. Let us rewind however, and explain what chair mats are and why they are so very important.

With the march of the PC or personal computer into the majority of the homes and offices of those in the developed world, computer chairs have come along with them. Many computer chairs today have rolling wheels which allow one to move about their room without getting up every time to grab something minor like a paper clip. This increases efficiency and is more comfortable.

The problem with computer chairs is that they can mark up and ruin many types of flooring. The consistent wheeling back and forth in a rolling chair can scratch the surface of wood, vinyl, and laminate flooring rather badly. Particularly in offices where the flooring is expensive, like say Brazilian oak, this is simply unacceptable. Furthermore, these seats can tear up carpeting and spread little pieces of it throughout a room or office leaving quite a mess. In addition, it can be difficult to roll around in certain computer chairs on some types of flooring, such as extra thick carpeting.

The answer to these problems is chair mats. Chair mats simultaneously protect the floor underneath them from unsightly scoffing, while making it considerably easier to move about in a chair with wheels. An added benefit is that both the wheels of the chair and the flooring underneath last significantly longer. The mats protect them from much of the daily wear and tear.

The most common type of chair mat is made out of a heavy plastic. There are several problems with this. Plastics are at the heart of the environmental threats to the globe as well as the energy crisis many are facing. This is because most plastics not only require a large amount of oil to be created, but they are comprised of a notably large amount of crude oil themselves. Moreover, because this type of chair mat is so thick, it requires lots of plastic, and therefore lots of oil to be manufactured.

Wouldn’t we like to save this oil for when we need it most and lessen the grave pollution that plastics factories churn out in the tons week in and week out? Or, wouldn’t we rather have this oil on the global market to increase supply, thereby lessening gas prices? For years people had no choice, it was a chair mat from the dank plastics manufacturer or nothing. But today there is a better alternative, laminate flooring chair mats.

The extraordinary thing about laminate chair mats is that they are cheaper than their plastic alternatives and yet they are remarkably more attractive. One factor few can dispute is that plastic chair mats are ugly and come in only a limited number of colors. On the other hand, laminate flooring can be made to look like virtually any other flooring out there. This means a laminate chair mat will never clash or become that eyesore clients cringe at when they enter your office. And, because the floor design innovations which gave birth to laminate flooring make it less expensive to produce, you’ll get a great deal.

What’s more, laminate chair mats are also more ecological and energy-crisis-friendly than plastic ones. This is because there is a limited amount of oil that goes in their production. So, if you have a desk or computer chair with rollers, it is a laminate floor mat you need. The choice is clear – what are you waiting for?

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